CV Full Form in 2024

CV Full Form

CV Full Form : When we apply for a job in a company, first of all we have to submit our CV i.e. resume to the company, after that the company reviews your resume and only after that you get the job. All of you must have submitted your CV to some company or the other for a job, but do you know about the full form of CV? If not then today we are going to give you all the information about CV like what is CV? What is the full form of CV? Etcetera. So let’s know about CV Full Form?

CV Full Form

The full form of CV is “Curriculum Vitae”. In Hindi it is called biodata.

C – Curriculum

V – Vitae

CV Meaning in Hindi

What is CV

CV is called biodata in Hindi. In this biodata, information about your educational qualification, your age, your mobile number etc. is written. When we apply for a job in a company, first of all we have to submit our CV to the company, on the basis of this the company gives us the job.

What things should be kept in mind while making a CV

  • First of all while making CV you should write your name.
  • You must write your mobile number in your CV.
  • You should write about your educational qualifications in your CV.
  • In CV you should write about your Career Objective.
  • If you have some other skills then you should also write about them in your CV.
  • If you have worked somewhere else before, then you should also write about that in your CV.

We hope you have got complete information about CV Full Form in this article. Friends, you must have made a CV before getting a job somewhere. If you need any more information in this article, you can tell us by commenting.

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