What is FCI? What is the full form of FCI

FCI Full Form

FCI Full Form : In any country, it is the job of the government to supply food items like grains, wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, milk etc. to all the citizens. Similarly, in our country India too, all the citizens are provided food items equally. It is the responsibility of the Government of India to reach out. For this, the Government of India has created an organization called FCI. Let us tell you that FCI is responsible for the purchase, sale and distribution of grains throughout India. You all must have heard the name of FCI on TV and in newspapers, but do you know what is the full form of FCI? If you do not know, then today we will give you complete information about FCI like what is FCI? What is the full form of FCI? When was FCI established? Work of FCI? Eligibility for FCI? Etcetera. So let’s know about FCI Full Form?

FCI Full Form

The full form of FCI is “Food Corporation of India”. In Hindi it is called “Food Corporation of India”.

F – Food

C – Corporation of

I – India

What is FCI

Food Corporation of India is a government organization. This organization looks after the purchase, sale and transaction of grains throughout India. Food Corporation of India was formed on 1 January 1965. Food Corporation of India works under the supervision of the Government of India and State Governments. The headquarters of Food Corporation of India is in New Delhi. Although FCI has offices in almost every state. FCI was started with approximately Rs 100 crore. The main food items of Food Corporation of India are wheat and rice. Let us tell you that every year FCI buys 20% of the wheat production and 15% of the rice production and sends it to other states, after which the poor people who have ration cards buy all the wheat and rice at low prices. If FCI suffers any loss then it is the responsibility of the government to compensate it.

When was FCI established?

FCI was established on 1 January 1965 under the Food Corporation Act. The main objective of establishing FCI was to provide food grains to the poor people at the lowest price. Now the government purchases grains directly from farmers and keeps them with itself. After this, the government provides grains to poor people at low prices through ration cards. Before this, big businessmen used to buy cheap grains from farmers and keep them with them. After this, whenever there was shortage of grains, they would sell them at a higher price. Due to this, rich people were able to buy grains but poor people were not able to buy them, due to which hunger increased in the country. For this reason the Government of India had established FCI.

FCI Post

  • Junior Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Assistant Grade 2
  • Computer Operator

FCI Qualification

  • For the post of Junior Engineer, the candidate must have an engineering degree or diploma.
  • The age of the student should be between 18 to 25 years.
  • For the post of Stenographer, you must have a graduation degree.
  • For the post of Typist, the student should have graduation.

FCI Salary

FCI salary varies for different posts. If your post is small then your starting salary can range from 8 thousand to 30 thousand. And if your post is big then your salary can range from 40 thousand to 80 thousand.

Work of FCI?

  • The job of FCI is to protect food items.
  • The work of FCI is to deliver ration on time to all cities and villages.
  • Keeping track of grain stocks in the states.
  • To provide fair prices to farmers for their crops.

The government has done a very good job by forming FCI. Due to which grains reach the poor people at low prices. So friends, you must have got information about FCI Full Form in this article. If you liked our article then please share it with your friends.

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